you got a great idea...what do you do now?
protect it by a patent? just publish it or make
it "open source"? well. we believe, both ways
are not, what we really want: patents are
expensive (and most of the times do not help you much if you do not have lots of money to defend them!) and also hindering innovation and just publishing sucks the value out of the
invention. so...what do you do?

maybe keep the idea to yourself. be afraid
and don't talk about it...well nothing will
happen, except that in a short while some big
company will come up with a patent on what
you invented many years ago.

so we believe it's time for something new.
and we will bring it to you shortly. stay tuned!

it's not about intellectual property anymore.
it's about intellectual and creative VALUE! ;-)
...and this will change more than you think...

in the meantime contact:

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carsten waldeck
createorscoop founder

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